Frequently Asked Questions 

Can I get my paracord bracelet wet?  Can it be cleaned?

In short – Yes to both.  These bracelets are very durable. They will dry just like any other fabric if submersed in water.  However, because you cannot put them into a washing machine and/or a dryer, they are subject to taking time to air dry despite your wanting to wear it!  And, just remember there may be a rougher feel to them for a while after they dry due to an inability to add softener.

You can spot clean them very lightly by hand touching with a mild detergent and brush to make them brand new again!


How about if my wrist is not quite one size and is in between two – For instance 7.2”?

​Our recommendation would be to measure up but not by much– In this case to 7.5” for ease of wear.  We do want to know though if you fall into an inbetween size to be sure what is appropriate. Our bracelets tend to have a little extra room anyway. So, if in doubt – Please inquire!


My wrist size is not listed in the drop down choices – Can I order another size or am I stuck with what you have? 

Definitely ask!  The sizes we list are the traditional sizes for most. They are the most common selections.  This certainly does not mean that we cannot customize if possible and if we have enough of the product for what you need.  In fact – that is really part of our motto to personalize for all our clients.  J We are here for you!  We want to accurately fulfill your needs. If you need another size, we will let you know how we can adjust to something more suitable.

How do you ship my order?

Our rates for shipping are indicative of USPS First Class Service followed by USPS Ground (usually over 14 ozs.) And/Or USPS Priority Mail for anything weighing over 2 pounds.  Whatever is the most cost effective for you- your pricing shown at check-out of your purchase is  based on quantity and weight per order and whatever is the most affordable option given these.

On average the most affordable option to ship is USPS First Class which takes 2-5 days for delivery.  We are located in NJ so 2 days (after fulfillment on our end yo complete your order) for the East Coast is probable for a delivery estimate from our store to you.  5 days for delivery would be for expected for West Coast options and outlying US territories 6-7 days respectively.

We ship at this time primarily to US territories to include Alaska and Hawaii, US minor outlying islands, US Virgin Islands, and also to Canada.  Canada will require customs paperwork to be filled out prior to shipping for delivery. We are still in process of developing our service for other international countries. Although international shipping is offered on our website for your convenience – please bear in mind it is a service not readily utilized by our business and will require a few extra hoops to make happen for you.   This does not mean we will not ship overseas!  We will work with you to accommodate if you want our products internationally shipped – Just inquire!

How long does it take to get my order? 

Gigawad goes to work on your order immediately and you should anticipate your order to be shipped within 48 hours of your placing your order.  This is pending the supplies are available to create your customization order and that your payment has cleared for your order.  We believe in ultimate customer service and expeditious service for your needs.    As our business is in New Jersey, and we utilize primarily the USPS First Class postage system – If you are ordering from states on the opposite side of the country – we would anticipate a 3-4 day shipping scenario from our business to your location.  If you are closer to the East Coast – this could be shortened by a couple of days.  If you have any questions – please send us a note at with your questions!