Paracord Materials Can Be a Lifesaver


When you purchase one of our Paracord bracelets, you are not only giving back in a small way to varied charity organizations that we are focusing on and wearing something that represents something near and dear to your heart – you are also wearing what could be referenced as a tool that can be used for emergency/survival lifesaver purposes as well! Every inch of a paracord bracelet equates to one foot of rope utilized into making that weave.

If you have an 8 inch bracelet – This accessory will provide you eight feet of rope. This rope can be unraveled easily to accommodate use for the adventurer/survivalist in many ways and is indeed a lifesaver for even the most unusual circumstances….

***  Here are a few suggestions you may not have thought of ***

– Use to wrap a tourniquet to decrease blood loss.
– Attach a hook/bait to rope – Use for fishing for food.
– Inner strands of rope can be removed and utilized as a net for trapping.

Gigawad LLC - Inner strands - Lifesaver Paracord Material

– Weave the rope thru a tarp or blanket for a make-shift tent with sticks/logs.
– Executing the bow method to start a fire with rocks and sticks.
– Mark a trail in the wildness to be found or not loose your way.
– With a needle – you can use the inner strands of rope to sew up torn materials or fuse things together.
– And even flossing your teeth!!!!!

So in closing – buy a paracord bracelet today thru our shop at and you could save a life down the road!  🙂 

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