Measuring – How about if my wrist is not quite one size and is in between two?

How to obtain proper measuring. Here’s what we suggest if you are not having an exact size for your wrist??….For instance – I am a 7.2” size…

Not everyone has an exact size. Many factors affect the size of our wrist.  ​Our recommendation would be to measure up but not by much. In this case mentioned above – Go with a 7.5” size for ease of wear.  We do want to know though if you fall into an in between size. We So please let us know!  We do want to appropriately address the difference you may find yourself in.   Our bracelets tend to have a little extra room anyway. So, if in doubt – Please inquire!

Gigawad LLC - Measuring Your WristTo Measure Your Wrist:

Take a measuring tape, a piece of thread or string and place it around your wrist.  At the point where the two ends meet – mark with a pen.  Place the strong down on a table and measure to that mark with a ruler – this would be your size.

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