A little about us and the origin of the Awareness Collections and our mission to help others in need…

My name is Teri. My husband Mike and I started Gigawad LLC.  We are what you would call a very small grassroots start-up out of New Jersey.  All of our custom designed jewelry accessories, are hand-crafted by our family.  It is a very rewarding feeling to share that our heart and soul have literally gone into everything that we offer for our clients.

A little history of our Fam… Married for 28 years and counting… My husband is a Veteran of the U.S. Air Force.  Our oldest son is now serving in the Army National Guard as a Medic alongside wearing another very important uniform as a First Responder – Firefighter/EMT. He is certainly busy enough with this but also chose to pursue a Full time education which is underway at University of Maryland.   Military is very much at center of our home. Respecting the troops and their selfless sacrifices have definitely gone into our thought process for our business product line, why we have ventured on this mission and whom we aim to help with our Awareness Collections.

My husband and I both come from a long line of family that served our nation in times of war.  I know full– heartedly our family heritage as I also am a Genealogist with a second business, Journey Into The Past Genealogy.  Tracing our family roots back to about 1400 in England and having found many of our descendants were Sons of the American Revolution in America have indeed been highlights in my professional career for myself alongside researching many clients history over the years. 

There is indeed personal pride for our business Gigawad LLC to be that “hand-crafted” business that comes out of completion as Made in America.

Lastly – but certainly not least in my heart – you will see in some of our photos below that I started working from home out of necessity to be near and closest for my youngest son who is the light of my world and a child who faces some challenges.  He is on the Autism Spectrum with special needs that range from Auditory Processing Disorder to Dyslexia.  He is the one who really has taught me the finer moments in life are not those that are not bought but those that are spent together doing things with great meaning.  He fights really hard for those achievements. And he is very good at what he takes on with his own mission in life!  He is front row and center as to why we really started an Awareness Collection in Gigawad LLC and how it keeps growing.  I knew my time hand stitching and hand stamping needed to be with great purpose for others alongside of any benefit it provides for that of my family.  Both of our boys and their pursuits in life, alongside the struggles we face as a family (and see within our friends we have developed along the way) are the reasons at center of why we have picked the charities we have chosen on our Awareness 4 Causes page above. Our Awareness Collection of jewelry is truly a labor of love to give back.

Our goals have grown as the causes we experience, and/or have been connected to, are broadening. The mission continues to change over time.  In particular – you will see below a photo of one of our beautiful dogs Mary – a Saint. Formally crowned Queen Mary.  She was a victim at the hands of an unethical breeder who ignored warnings her dogs were sick with Addison Disease and chose profit over compassion.  We did not know that stress in her case a dental cleaning could induce a crisis and was near fatal. Ultimately – she survived and has been labeled the Mary Christmas Miracle for 28 dog families thereafter who came together to bring change and awareness of this disease. She brought great cause in my life to fight unscrupulous pet abuse and help animal victims as a whole.

We must be truthful in stating that we are not working with under contract, the organizations we have selected to help on our charity “Awareness 4 Causes” Page. We are simply a business that is doing our best and a small part to give back, pay it forward and remind our children the necessity to help others in need. This list of organizations for us will continue to grow if we can help it.

We are doing our best with integrity, and straightforward sincerity, to protect these organizations trademarks as their own. Its so easy today to just use another company’s name without their knowing. We do not do this.  We will not advertise as our own any officially licensed formal names or symbols without authority to do so. Each listing with items for sale will explain how you can upgrade with licensed official charms that can be bought separately through us and placed on your bracelets/necklaces with personalized engraving of your chosing.  We may suggest in our photos some ideas for how we can personally customize with engraving for you that is fitting to the occasion. See this example at right –  

We do however pledge on this mission, as a fully licensed business in NJ, to donate 20% of our sales within each category marked as an Awareness Line product back to the beautiful organizations found on our Awareness 4 Causes Page as specified.  We will maintain our records as such, and provide all consumers an invoice that says your product is giving back to xyz company and the amount that will be donated on annual basis by Gigawad LLC based on our years register.

We thank you for your time today to hear our family Gigawad story and to see our family photos enclosed. We hope this little glimpse into our background gives you the confidence to buy our products. Please know that we deeply want your business and we want to give back to our communities at the same time.  We do love what we make and we firmly believe we are 100% your go to for fighting the causes with jewelry that brings awareness near and dear to your heart!

Please feel free to contact us with any question, or your suggestions for whom we can help – Or even just to say Hi 🙂  Please like/share our Facebook page, Instagram and Pinterest sites as well – We want to spread the word about our mission and generate business with your help!

The Gigawad family is here for you and we are here for our country – the place we call proudly our home. Have a nice day and God Bless!

Our Family Mission In Life – Our Pride and Joy